What We Do

Gray Matter Technologies is developing a patent-pending smart sports mouthguard to help coaches, parents, and trainers measure and visualize the severity of impacts during play.

The Gray Matter Mouthguard transmits impact data to a mobile device over Bluetooth Low Energy™ within seconds.


Data is compared to a lifetime of impact data stored in our proprietary cloud database.


An authorized coach, player, or trainer is sent an alert within seconds of an athlete receiving an impact past a pre-set threshhold, or an unusual number of smaller impacts.


Our easy to use mobile application allows parents and athletes to log and time-stamp symptoms during recovery.

We are field testing with select sports organizations throughout the Spring and Summer of 2016.



Concussions are the biggest problem facing sports right now.

The Center for Disease Control defines as concussion as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a bump or jolt to the head that can alter the way the brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a blow to the body that causes the head to move rapidly. What is sometimes described as a "ding" or "getting your bell rung" is actually a very serious brain injury, and is the result of a collision between the brain and the surrounding skull.

Please Note

No number can yet be read off of a screen to diagnose a concussion. Coaches, trainers and medical professionals can use our product as a tool to help highlight athletes that have sustained impacts past a pre-determined threshold, for example at which a previous concussion was reported, or numerous high-g impacts compared to their peers, but even these metrics are not a guaranteed indicator of injury. Concussions can occur under a number of different conditions. If concussion symptoms are present, please consult a medical professional or trainer who has experience with traumatic brain injuries, even if our mouthguard does not indicate a significant impact has occurred recently.

1.6 – 3.8M

Sports related concussions per year


Increase in emergency visits for concussions from 2000 – 2010


Reported concussions due to high school football


Concussions estimated to go unreported

Our Team

Tanner Avery
Co-Founder and CEO
Mechanical Engineering
Steven Franklin
Co-Founder and Bluetooth Lead
Mechanical Engineering
Beau Roland
Firmware Lead
Electrical Engineering
Lyle Cheatham
Hardware Engineer
Mechatronics Engineering

Why we're Different

  • Current solutions are too bulky for non-helmeted sports – our miniaturized circuit board allows our product to look and feel just like any other sports mouthguard.
  • Our sensors collect data from 9 separate axis and have a full-scale range of ±200g’s and ±4000 deg/s, which means our data is so good it can be modeled alongside game footage.
  • Our inductive charging, networking protocol, and battery management software give us superior portability, range, and battery life compared to competing solutions.

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